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Welcome to At Risk Media

Officially our agency was launched in February 2014. Since this time we have invested heavily in our infrastructure. Beginning with a single Virtual Private Server, we gradually grew and migrated up to a cluster of several virtual servers configured for high-availability web and database services with fail-over.

We now operate a number of dedicated servers on a super fast backbone, and have built a dependable platform using all the latest web technologies. We take care of all the details so you don't have to. Everything from email and web hosting to advanced technologies such as SOLR search or custom web application development — we have got you covered!

Our roots run deep, all the way back to 2001 when we launched an alternative media / community broadcast project based out of Barrie, Ontario using open source web technologies. There was an actual studio and daily shows run by local youth. We called ourselves The DV8 Network and fancied ourselves to provide free radio and fertile resistance from the Canadian underground:

Banner from 2001 Online Radio project

Today At Risk Media focuses its energies giving support and learning resources to content creators & social entrepreneurs. We also offer managed web hosting & IT solutions to small & medium-size businesses, and provide many free services to a number of Christian mission organizations that we are fortunate enough to have partnered with.

Do you have a creative project that requires technical expertise and leadership? Or, are you like-minded and would like to bounce some ideas off us on how we might collaborate or work together? We would absolutely love to hear from you.