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It's not just your company website.

We are At Risk Media. We help creative entrepreneurs and ministry organizations with their web presence. Your brand isn't cookie-cutter. Your website shouldn't be either.

Did you know?

A typical website requires a web server, a database server, an application server, a file server, a caching service, and that’s just to host the website. Add to this advanced DNS (Domain Name System) configuration, daily off-site backups, load testing, uptime monitoring, SSL certificate management, domain registry upkeep, A11y audits, and regularly applied security updates across all systems. It's no small feat.

Is your Business Email at risk?

If you are trusting business email to services like Gmail, you may be operating without any reliable backups of your precious business communications.

Do you have a plan to keep your website secure? Your brand deserves better. We can help explain the IT/web risks.

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