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Zero-party data policy

Think of this website as an interactive business pitch deck presented as a choose your own adventure style buyers guide ... a "flipped" sales funnel.

As you navigate this site, anonymized events-based data is being collected. Behind-the-scenes we are building a knowledge graph which uses machine learning to help us better understand how buyers like yourself interface with us.

You are encouraged to introduce yourself. You'll have full control of your communication preferences. [Set your communication preferences to DMs open if you wish to be personally contacted directly.]

Throughout the site you may see "belief widgets" where you can express yourself. Any questions asked are intended to help your through the buying journey. If you're comfortable sharing your thoughts, this website responds adaptively by revealing new content pathways to meet your needs.

Tract Stack is currently pre-launch and pre-revenue. We are not monetizing or selling/sharing any data with third parties. We will soon add functionality to opt-out and even wipe any associated data.

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